J.S. Eades

"This is just one of those stories that sticks with you. I laughed, I cried, I felt warm and fuzzy and numb and broken all in one sitting. Brutally honest and all too real."

-- Laura Goodfellow, Liverpool, England

"An outstanding story that made me question what's wrong and what's right, and fall in love with the characters in all their (im)perfection. Truly epic!"

​-- Eva Oktabcova, Prague, Czech Republic

"Over the years, I’ve read several outstanding stories but this was the first one I’ve read that made me feel like I wasn’t alone."​

-- Cathy Owens, Chicago, USA

"I picked PAOBT up and put it right back down 408 pages later! She tells a story with vivid imagery and relatable characters. It’s a realistic work that is sometimes chaotic, and at times scary, as we see the characters slowly spiral out of control as they try to balance life, find their real selves, and experience true love."

-- Colleen Walter, Kitchener, Canada

Book reviews in The Record: February 21, 2015 (PDF Version)

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Promises and Other Broken Things

A story about love, choices, and living with the consequences.

Amelia York seems to have it all: a great career, good friends, and she’s married to her high school sweetheart. Starting a promising new job is just another step in the life she has all figured out. The intense connection she develops with a handsome co-worker, however, threatens to derail all her well thought-out plans.

​Declan Kavanaugh's whole world revolves around his daughter. Overworked and under-appreciated both by his wife at home and his colleagues at his family's firm, the stress is starting to get to him. Making friends with the pretty new accountant comes as a surprise, but he finds time spent with Amelia is like the breath of fresh air he so desperately needs.

​Neither of them wants any complications in their lives—and the last thing they want is to fall in love.

​But as they discover, sometimes no matter how much you fight it, life has other ideas. More >>