You don’t always get what you want.

Amelia York knows this all too well. Her entire life has been torn apart and she’s lost nearly everything that matters: her job, two of her closest friends, her father, and most devastating of all, the man she loves. Though she’s gotten good at pretending she’s fine, inside she’s still shattered. All she wants is to move on and rebuild. She never thought it would be easy, but she didn’t expect it to be this hard. And an impulsive decision at a friend’s wedding throws a surprise wrench into her life that makes it even harder.

Declan Kavanaugh considers himself a damn good salesman, but he's got no pitch capable of convincing himself the choice he made was the right one. He promised to be there for his family, but he's hurting. And he misses her more than he's willing to admit. Can a miracle give him the second chance at happiness he craves? Or is he doomed to always destroy everything he cares about?

Things never turn out quite the way you think they will. But sometimes you might just get what you need.

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"“I felt like I was visiting my favorite neighborhood and old friends while savoring every word of this highly anticipated sequel to PROMISES AND OTHER BROKEN THINGS."

-- Gina E, New Brunswick, Canada

"THE FINE ART OF FORGIVENESS is the perfect companion to PROMISES AND OTHER BROKEN THINGS, and an absolutely impossible book to put down from start to finish. J.S. Eades is one of those rare storytellers who knows her characters inside and out, and you don’t want to miss this sequel."
-- Mara A Miller, Kentucky, author of CHEAP GUITARS

"Some stories stay with you, and revisiting the lives of Amelia and Declan was like sitting down with an old friend. One with whom you can pick right back up where you left matter how long the time apart."
-- Kirsty M, Ontario, Canada

Promises and Other Broken Things

Broken Things

The Fine Art of Forgiveness

A story about love, choices, and living with the consequences.

Promises and Other

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